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Is The Colour Of Your Poop Green? See Some Likely Causes And Solutions

Usually, the normal coloration of poop varies from light to dark brown. In any case that you may have noticed a change in color of your poop from brown to green, these may be the causes:


Excessive intake of vegetables and leaves can contribute to a change in poop color to green due to the chlorophyll content in the consumed leaves. The chlorophyll in plants is the agent of green coloration.


Antibiotics have the potential to change the color of poop to green due to their action on bacteria in the gut.

Bacteria affects the color of poop, and hence a change in bacteria in the body may lead to a change in poop color, usually to green.


Usually, when the body system is unable to digest food properly, it may lead to green poop color. This may be caused by a digestive infection.

However, if you notice green poop color for more than some days, ensure you drink a lot of water and if it persists consult your doctor.

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