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NIGERIA: Celebrating 61 Years Of "Unity In Diversity" Amid The Rise Of Unknown Gunmen And Hunger

The first day of October is here again and Nigeria, a nation dubbed as the "Giant of Africa" is celebrating her 61st Independence anniversary. Nigeria despite its challenges has managed to maintain unity in diversity and accommodate people of different ethnic groups and cultures.

While Nigeria is celebrating 61 years of infrastructural development and achievements by some of its citizens nationally and internationally, it's still a nation in plenty that wallows in hunger.

We won't deny the fact that Nigeria has improved in terms of good roads, education and agriculture. But there is still hunger in the land, the rate of poverty is becoming more ridiculous that it seems there are more fruits in the rich man's shampoo than In a poor man's plate.

The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. Many graduates are still unemployed despite graduating with good grades. Although the Npower scheme seems to have reduced unemployment to the barest minimum.

We won't fail to acknowledge the response of the Nigerian government in its fight against terrorism, banditry and the menace of unknown gunmen. The attacks carried out by these faceless enemies of peace is arguably on the rise despite the Nigerian military launching an aggressive approach.

We hope that as Nigeria is a year older today, we would achieve great things together as one and reach the promised land which we have yearned for. GOD BLESS THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.

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