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Could any Nigerian live up to the age of the 210-year-old Pakistani woman Joe Igbokwe revealed?

There is always joy in avoiding an untimely death and growing to a good old age. This is what many people crave in the world today. It is indeed true that we were once able to live up to 1000 years according to the New Testament in the Bible, and up till date, there is one man who is known to have achieved that height and lived up to 900+ years, "Methuselah."

Recently, Joe Igbokwe, the spokesman for the All Progressive Congress (APC) party, shared a report and pictures on Facebook of a Pakistan woman who he alleged had lived for over 210 years. This caused controversial reactions as Nigerians could not believe it because the oldest person recognized by the world is just over 118 years old and has the Guinness World Record for that. 

Now my question about this article to Nigerians is whether it is it possible for a Nigerian to live to such an age during this time period in the country. Because first of all, there are basic things to consider if one wants to live to such an extent.

(1) A Healthy Way of Life:

Most Nigerians struggle daily to make ends meet and often forget to live a healthy lifestyle. This affects the amount of time a person has on earth because promoting good health is a step to ensure long life and prosperity.

Tell me your answers and opinions below.

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