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Netherlands Boxing Tyson Lady "Ruby Jesiah" Converts To Islam

Netherlands Boxing Tyson Lady Ruby Jesiah Mesu converted to Isam inside Mosque I Netherlands.

Almighty Allah says in Holy Quran that Islam will certainly reach every place touched by the night and day. Allah will not leave a house or residence untill Islam reach them.

This is another turning point for those who now accept the religion accepted by their Creator Almighty Allah, I sincerely welcome this lady to the religion that does not bear the name of any body living or dead, or iron, tree, caved wood or mountain or the river in their area.

This is very achievement, especially to Muslim Ummah around the world, may Allah united Al Muslims, and understand the Actual teaching of the Prophets Muhammad and the final Messenger and servant and prophet of Allah Muhammad (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon them all).

Islam is not a religion of Crisis or violence, Islam is mainly for Peace and Unity. I urged all Muslims around the world to embrace peace among other religions. 

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam remember that Islam is Only Solution to the problems of humanity and is way to see the paradise of Almighty Allah in the hereafter.

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