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6 things to keep quiet about.

As humans, we are faced with different challenges everyday and we are always looking for a way to solve the challenges that befall us. 

Although no one is island so we share our difficulties with people who want to understand our plight and help us get through the tough times.

It is not always simple to tell people some of your problems. People should know what to share with others. Some things are never meant to be shared while other things must be told so that solutions can be found. Even if you want to share this things I will mention below share it someone that you trust. When I say someone that you trust I mean someone you have stayed with for a long time and you know what he or she can do and cannot do.

There are so many things you are expected to keep quiet about, but I will list and explain 6 of them for you:

1. Your medical information: They is no reason for you to shared your medical information with people outside your family. Telling people things that relate to your health is immoral. Even Doctors don't disclose peoples medical information to any how people because he knows the implication, so why will you do that. 

People loose their friends as a result of disclosing their medical information. Some friends when they discover that you are HIV positive they will run away from you because they have the mentality of you transferring the virus to them. So note that your health condition are things you should always keep quiet about until there is a need for any one to know for example, your spouse.

2. Your big plan: Plan is a set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal.

Your big plan is expected to be done in secret. Running to tell your friends is not a wise idea, it may hinder you from achieving your goals.

Just telling people your plans may lead to discouragement by friends and even family members. If you have the plan of building a house that you will put on rentage, they may tell you to invest in another thing wish may likely be an unwise idea.

3. Your love life: You have to keep your relationship or love life because vocalizing it to your friends can make you take decisions that are unwise.

When you have a problem with your man or woman instead of some friends to calm you down and settle things between the both of you, they will advise you to leave her meanwhile having a problem with your partner is a normal thing in a relationship, but being able to settle each other is what makes you matured in the relationship.

Since friends are easily influential you may concur to their advise and at a point you realize that what really transpired between you and your partner was nothing serious. May be when you come for reconciliation she will tell you that it is too late and she has moved on. This will definitely affect you so be careful of how you disclose your love life to people.

4. Your income: Most people keep their income level secret because they know the advantage of it. You may be seen as a fool for not telling people about your income but one thing is that it is beneficial to you, it may help prevent unnecessary spending. Once people know that you have #100,000 in your bank account some will see you as someone who can afford to take care of their financial needs because to them you can afford it. They don't even care that you have to save out of this money for future sake. So be careful, don't disclose your income to anyhow people.

5. Your next move: Your next move is not to be shared with people. Rather it is good for people to see the finished product. Any move you want to take it is better to be silent if you really want to achieve it.

6. Your family issues: Family problem is a normal thing that always happen in every family. This problem can be from the husband, wife or children's side. 

The issue of people are the major issues faced by most families. When this issue occurs your friends may advise to go to any length to take over that property. Instead of sharing this issue with friends that will advise to dip your hand in mould keep the secret and make sure you make the wise decision to resolve this issue.

In a nutshell, it is advisable to keep secrets and if you feel they are things you can share with friends, make sure it is somebody that you trust and can keep your secrets, it can be your spouse, your father, mother, brother, sister, close friend. On the other hand, sharing information with your spouse and close members of the family can help you formulate a solution. It depends mainly on your own judgement and personal discretion.

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