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5 Practical Ways All Women Should Submit To Their Husbands For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a lifetime journey and it is not something you enter and withdraw at any time. This is a union established by God himself where two shall become one for better or worse. For a happy and lasting marriage, the woman has a great role to play because she is going to mostly manage the home.

So many marriages are in crises today because of marrying a woman who is not capable. All women should know that a good wife is the crown of her husband. Even the bible says ‘he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord’ so a good woman will make her home stand. From the beginning , God has made the man the head of the home so women are to be submissive to their husband.

Below are 5 ways all women should submit to their husband.

1.    Don’t nag, listen more

This is a common habit among women but a married and responsible woman should know that the man is the head and not the other way round. Don’t always shout at your husband. When he is talking listen and after he stops, you can give your opinion. You are there as his helper and not controller. A woman who doesn’t know how to control her tongue will ruin her marriage one day.

2.    Exalt him to others

No matter his status, he is your husband. Don’t always compare him to others, always praise him and recognize him as the head of the home. Because others are driving cars and he doesn’t have one does not make him useless. Always praise your husband in the midst of others because you own is your own.

3.    Keep things confidential

Don’t always allow a third party into your home. All matters in a marriage is between you and your husband alone and no one else. Don’t disclose private matters out not even to your parents. This is a very special way to submit to your husband.

4.    Spend money wisely

As a wife in the home, learn to be accountable for all things especially financially. Drop that your high taste and spend money wisely. There are some women who will just stay at home from morning till night without doing anything just for the man to suffer and bring home some little money and there waste it. It is a very wrong attitude for a wife.

5.    Respect him

You will not insult a man you respect, you will not nag and shout at a man you respect, you will always make the man you respect happy. As a woman, learn to give your husband the respect he deserves in marriage. Respect goes beyond just greeting him.

Women, learn to respect, support and be submissive to your husband for a blissful marriage.

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