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3 Poisonous Fishes Not Advisable For Human Consumption

Fishes are among the most nutritious foods to mankind but some of them can really impose health damages even with the nutrients in them. This is because of the presence of an element known as mercury.

This chemical element can be seen in several forms in the air, water and soil. In the Earth crust, this element can be found as inorganic compounds such as mercury salts. They can also occur as organic compounds such as methylmercury which forms when airborne inorganic mercury combines with an organic molecule like carbon or attaches to droplets of water and enters soil, rivers or oceans thus laying contamination to sources of food.

When this element gets into the water bodies, especially in the salt waters, the fishes present in them are more likely to get contaminated and the contamination tendencies increase as the food chain increases.

Intoxication of mercury can occur when one consumes consistently consumed contaminated foods such that it builds up on the body. It can lead to several conditions like kidney failure, reproductive disorders, lung diseases, heart diseases.

Here are 3 fishes that are high in mercury concentrations that can incur these damages in our body.

1. Bigeye Tuna

Source: Wikipedia

These species of fish known as Bigeye Tuna can hold an average mercury load of 0.689 ppm and a high load of 1.816ppm.

2. King Mackerel

Source: Urban Adventure

King mackerel is a different species from the ordinary mackerel. The ordinary mackerel contains a low level of mercury but this particular species contains about an average of 0.73ppm of mercury and can reach 1.67ppm in extreme conditions.

3. Sword Fish

Source: Guidesly

Swordfish is among the highest sources of mercury containing an average mercury load measuring 0.995 ppm and highest loads measuring 3.22 ppm.

Always ask when you go to commercial seafood shops to buy your seafoods so as not to buy any of these fishes unknowingly.

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