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BBNaija Star Neo Narrates His Feeling as he Flew First Class

Life they say is unpredictable, and no one knows tomorrow, as that is the situation that former Big Brother Naija reality star, Neo Akpofure is all about after he shared cute photos of himself aboard a plane with a caption that reads, '' I was never on top of the class, but today grace put me in first class '' which is the dynamic of how life generally works, as no one knows what the future holds.

His feelings might have been necessitated by the simple fact that having a good grade or being a top student while in school does not translate to being successful in the real world, as success to those who believe can only be achieved through divine intervention of God, which many people ascribed to grace working in their favor to make their lives more blissful.

From a car driver, the handsome young man has been able to turn his life around by finding success, all thanks to his participation in the Big Brother Naija reality show, which has brought him fame, and has opened the doorway for him to become the face of many brands who wants his services for their products.

For Neo, he has really come a long way before becoming a star which many people tend to relate with these days, after hustling his way to the top, now he is a brand influencer whose contributions to ensuring that brands are sorted after via his advertising power is a venture that is making ways for h, as he has been known to be brand ambassador to top brands such as Lipton, Orijin and a host of other products which helps him pays his bills and ensures he rides on a first class ticket on a plane. 

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