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Check out this man who will not take things likely with bandits if he becomes president

Insecurity has been throwing a big punch to the face of Nigeria for quite sometime now and the struggle seem to be growing by the day and it seems from all indications, Nigeria is at the verge of loosing the battle if it hasn't lost it already. Nigerians now live in an era where it seems impossible to live normal lives like every other citizens in their countries. With the rising case of kidnap, how do you intend to do things freely? People are leaving in fear everyday as they don't know what lies ahead for them when they step out of their house to go for their normal day to day activities.

Nigerians have clearly lost hope in it's government who in turn haven't really been able to tackle the whole insecurity problems in the county. The rate at which the prominent men in the county are being kidnapped, is at an alarming rate and all Nigerians need, is a man who has zero tolerance for misconduct and any from of banditry in the county. If you ask me, I think it's time we put our differences together and fight for the common good of the nation and regardless of party, the man capable for this job is no other than Nasir El-rufai.

Party differences doesn't matter when it comes to fighting to keep our Nation safe and free from the hands of those bandits making life miserable for the common man on the streets. You may want to know why I think El rufai is the man for the job but here are my reasons. Firstly, we need a man who has zero tolerance for banditry like I said earlier and also, a man who will never negotiate with bandits for release of hostages. Nigeria have moved past the level of negotiating with bandits and if America stopped doing that a long time ago, why can't we do the same thing either. If you take your time to dig in through the previous events of abduction, you will see that virtually 90% of the release of the hostages was based on negotiations and I wonder how long Nigeria will continue this way and what impression, are we giving those countries looking onto us.

Nasir El-rufai is the only governor that refused to negotiate with bandits and with the help of the security agencies, those hostages were released. That is perfectly how things should be done and I think with such a man as the president, Nigeria's security situation will improve in one way or another. Thank you for reading.

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