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Graham Potter & His Family Do Not Deserve Death Threats From Angry Fans Despite Poor Results

Ahead of the London derby clash vs Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow afternoon, Graham Potter has told the media that some angry fans have sent emails to him, wishing death upon him and his kids following the club's poor run of form since he took over from Tuchel last year.

Potter said; "It's a challenge, if you go to work and somebody is swearing abuse at you, it’s not going to be pleasant – or if you’re referred to as the worst person in the history of the club. You can say, ‘oh I don’t care’ but you know I’m lying because everyone does care what people think because we are hard-wired to be socially connected"

He went on to explain that he understands the criticism he's getting because in football, people want result. But then, death threats to him and his family isn't something that's pleasant to receive.

"Nevertheless, when you ask me questions: ‘Is it hard? Is it tough? Is it nice to hear?', as much as I’ve had support, I’ve had some not particularly nice emails come through that want me to die, want my kids to die. Obviously, that's not pleasant to receive.

"If you’re asked about it for four months, are under pressure for four months, and are under pressure because you guys need to sell stuff, what do you expect in the end? If we don’t get the results then obviously that’s what happens. That’s football. That’s how it is."

For me, this is a shameful act from the section of Chelsea fans who are responsible for this. Yes, Potter needs to do better, but sending him emails wishing death upon him and his family is unacceptable.

At the end of the day, no matter how much he's earning as manager of Chelsea football club, he is a human being and deserves to be treated with a level of respect despite the criticisms.

Fans are allowed to be angry, critical and even call for the manager to be sacked. But when it gets to wishing death upon a fellow human being, and kids, then a line has been crossed and I'm definitely sure that many fans in the fanbase are ashamed of this because this is not the way Chelsea fans behave.

Unfortunately, some bad eggs are trying to tarnish the image of Chelsea fans with this vile treatment of Graham Potter who is doing his best to get the blues back to their level.

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