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Opinion: The attack by a militant group, Bayan-Men in Rivers State and the need for FG to stop them

It is inarguable to say that one of the major concerns of the federal government of Nigeria is to ensure the protection and well-being of human lives and properties, and this has sometimes been thwarted by some, all in a bid to undermine these efforts from our respective leaders.

Photo Credit: The Nation Newspaper

One of such events could be seen in the action of a new militant group in Rivers State, known as Bayan-Men, after, according to a verified publication, they reportedly attacked an oil facility in Ogba-Egbema-Andoni local government area of the State and blew it up.

This condemnable attack by this group should not be allowed to continue, and demands the need for the federal government of Nigeria to quickly stop them by intervening in any means possible.

This is quite so because this new militant group had issued a threat to wreak more havoc than they had already done, and could likely end up resulting in the loss of human lives and the destruction of properties, which the government have always been fighting to prevent.

Photo Credit: The Sun Nigeria

At this present time where the country is battling with various attacks, both in the south and in the north, it will be pertinent for the federal government of Nigeria to step in and ensure they are stopped on time before they become a dreadful militant group in the Niger Delta region.

Furthermore, such an attack by this new militant group could leave those residents in those areas in a state of fear, except for the intervention of the federal government, hence an important reason for the government to stop them.

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