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Changes in the body that could be signs you may be having stomach cancer

Stomach cancer mostly begins when the cancer cells form in the inner lining of the human stomach, and those cells can gradually grow into a tumour.

According to WebMD, below are some basic signs of stomach cancer that shouldn't be ignored.

1. One of the early signs of stomach cancer in humans is digestion difficulty, also known as indigestion.

2. Loss of appetite for food, heartburn and slight nausea is also the major early signs of stomach cancer in humans, that shouldn't be ignored.

3. One who is a victim of stomach cancer can frequently have feeling bloated after a meal.

4. One of the major signs of stomach cancer that shouldn't be ignored is frequent stomach pain.

5. Regular experience of blood in your stool when you visit the restroom, and vomiting, are other major symptoms of stomach cancer that require medical attention.

6. When one finds it difficult to swallow thing, and also experience some weight loss for no reason, he or she should visit the medical centre for a proper checkup.

7. Yellowish eyes/skin, stomach swelling, constipation or diarrhoea, are other major signs of stomach cancer.

8. Lastly, weakness is another cause of stomach cancer


Stomach cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that should not be joked with. However, if you notice the above signs, quickly seek medical attention.

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