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Why Govt Will Have To Ban Camels And Other Beasts Of Burden As Bandits Change Their Modus Operandi

As the fight against banditry by security operatives is garnering momentum, bandits are now changing their modus operandi to escape the military onslaught and also cause more havoc on innocent citizens.

Reports have it that these criminals are no longer using vehicles and motorcycles to carry out attacks, instead, they have resorted to the use of camels. A resident of Sokoto revealed that bandits who fled Zamfara state en mass came via camels and are presently regrouping at Isa forest. Recall that some governors in the northwestern region placed a ban on the sale of fuel in Jerry cans. Several people have been apprehended in the past few days for supplying bandits with fuel products.

Note: This photo is for illustrative purposes.

With the recent change in the mode of transportation by bandits, the government might have to place a temporal ban on the use of camels and other beasts of burden until the menace of banditry is curtailed.

Allowing the use of camels, horses and other beasts of burden will make it difficult for the military to differentiate between bandits and innocent citizens. Furthermore, camels and horses will give the criminals an upper hand on arid land, since these animals can withstand such an environment.

The government should act swiftly before the bandits cause more harm in the northwestern region.

Photo Credit: Google and Facebook.

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