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Meet The Nollywood Actor Who Once Worked As A Bricklayer To Buy Filmmaking Equipment For His Movie

For many people, the path to success has never been a smooth one, as there is always a story before the glory. Most of the celebrities we see and watch on TV today weren't born with a silver spoon, as some of them once did menial jobs before they became famous.

One celebrity who was also once in this position is Ibrahim Yekini, popularly known as Itele d Icon. When the Yoruba Nollywood star began his acting career, he struggled a lot to make a name in the movie industry, and one of the reasons for his struggles was because he started as a movie producer. 

According to the actor, in a report published by PUNCH NEWSPAPERS, an expensive piece of equipment got damaged while he was producing his first movie and when this happened, he couldn't continue with the filming.

Itele had no other choice than to look for funds to get a new equipment to complete the movie, or else, all his investments on the movie would be gone. Following this, he worked as a bricklayer for three months so he could raise money to replace the damaged equipment and round up the filming. 

After completing the movie, the actor claimed that people loved it, and it gave him the moniker, Itele d icon, which he is now known as today. This encouraged him to do more, as he kept producing movies over and over again till his movies gained grounds in the Yoruba Nollywood industry. 

Today, Itele is not only a renowned producer, but also a superstar actor who has produced and featured in several blockbuster Yoruba movies including; President Kuti and Lucifer, just to name a few.

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