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Italian Referee denies Atletico Madrid two clear penalties.

The second leg of the Champions league knockout stage (Round of 16) match between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid ended with Chelsea winning 2-0 at home. This gives them an aggregate win of 3-0. But there's something wrong with the way the whole match was officiated.

The referee (Italian) denied Atletico Madrid from having two penalties when it was just too obvious. The first was when Azpilicueta pulled Carrasco in the 18-yard box. This was 10 minutes before Chelsea had their first goal. The VAR didn't even care to review it.

The second one was when Luis Suarez was fouled yet there was no penalty given.

This contributed to the weakening of the morale of Atleti players and this issue is really creating a controversy. At least, they would've scored before Chelsea assuming the first penalty was granted and this would have surely increased their chances of winning.

What do you think about this?

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