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The Igbo People Are Being Marginalized In Nigeria, And There's No Doubt About It- Ifeanyi Ubah

In a recent interview with Arise News, Senator Ifeanyi Ubah expressed his belief that the Senate Presidency should be zoned to the southeast in the interest of equity and justice. According to Senator Ubah, the Igbo people have been marginalized in Nigerian politics, and failing to zone the Senate Presidency to the southeast would only serve to further reinforce this trend.

Senator Ubah went on to argue that giving the southeast region the opportunity to hold the Senate Presidency would promote peace, justice, and equity in Nigeria, which are values that the country desperately needs at this time. By advocating for the southeast region to be given a chance to hold this position, Senator Ubah hopes to promote greater inclusivity and representation in Nigerian politics.

Source: Arise TV

Quoting the exact statement released by Ifeanyi Ubah, he said, "The Igbo people in Nigeria are being marginalized, and there is no doubt about it. I suggest that the Senate Presidency be zoned to the southeast. What have the Igbo people done to Nigeria to not be given a fair chance to participate in the country's political affairs?"

In addition, he further stated, "Nigerians should ask themselves why the Igbo people are being marginalized and what they have done to deserve such treatment. All we want is for the Southeast to be given a fair chance at the Senate Presidency."

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