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APC Claims To Be The Victorious Party, Yet, They Beg For Endorsements; We Will Not Concede - LP

The Labour Party (LP) Presidential Campaign Council has described The All Progressives Congress (APC) search for endorsements even after securing victory in the just-concluded Presidential Election which saw Bola Tinubu emerge, as enough evidence that his victory is infact a joke.

They made this statement through the Spokesman of the Council, Dr. Tanko Yunusa on a telephone interview with Vanguard on Tuesday, in Abuja.

The Spokesperson was reacting to a statement by the Spokesperson of The APC Campaign Council, Dr. Dele Alake who claimed that the Labour Party was behaving like sore losers by disputing the victory of their Presidential Candidate, Tinubu.

In Yunusa's words, “Never in our recent history do you find a party which claims to have won an election shopping for validation weeks after the victory. Here we have the APC, a ruling party running from pillar to post begging people at home and abroad to endorse the outcome of a sham in the name of an election.

“Our candidate is a full blooded democrat who subscribes to the tenets of democracy that is why he is challenging the process which the whole world knows was flawed in every material particular. If we had lost in a free and credible process my principal would have been the first person to call and congratulate the winner," he added.

He went on to quote Peter Obi, saying, “Like he said a few days ago, if you desire to be referred to as His Excellency, the process by which you come to power must be excellent. Tinubu and the whole APC know they didn’t win a fair contest and the INEC knows it breached its own rules this, we are going to court to proove, Alake and all those who think like him should enjoy their short lived victory while it lasts.”

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Source: Vanguard News

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