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3 Reasons Why Every Car Owner Should Get The New Airless Tyres

Have you ever imagined driving your car on an airless tyre? Well that dream is now becoming reality.

Tyre manufacturers for years now has really been working on how to replace the regular rubber tyres to make it more convenient. And finally MICHELIN, one of the largest tyre manufacturers came up with UPTIS Tyre a new kind of tyre which is puncture proof and airless.

UPTIS stands for Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System they are high tech tyres made from glass fiber reinforced with plastic which are highly flexible and also a load-bearing structure, they are very durable and without air they were made by Michelin tyres.

UPTIS airless tyres are more preferable to the regular rubber tyres for the following reasons.

1.Longer Life Span: The UPTIS tyres are very durable like I said, They are believe to last about three times as long as the regular tyres. So for example if you normally use your rubber tyres for a period of 6years before replacement, be sure to used the airless tyres for 18years or thereabout.

2.Comfortablity: With the airless tyres, no need to worry about the conditions of roads on tyres or the occupants in the car because they eliminates the risk of loosing your vehicle or the need to stop by the road side with a disappointing flat tyres.

3.Punture-Proof And Less Maintenance: The airless tyres are totally puncture free and they significantly reduce some tyre related maintenance such as pressure check and tire inflation.

Technology is indeed the backbone of civilization, and it has really proved it worth. I believe the airless tyres will go a long way to eliminate and reduce pressure on raw materials used in producing the normal regular tyres.

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