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If You Stop Paying Your Tithes You Will Begin To Go Down Gradually - Bishop Oyedepo Warns

The controversy of whether or not paying tithes is an obligation for a Christian in the new covenant seems to be a never ending one. Many Christians support it, while others believe it is an unnecessary weight on young believers.

Bishop David Oyedepo has said that when you stop paying your tithes, you begin to go down gradually. He made this statement during the midweek communion service, as he preached a sermon on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

He explained that it is consistency in performing a certain task that guarantees that you enjoy the rewards that will come with that task. According to him, where your giving stops, your blessing stops.

"If a farmer decides not to plant again, will he reap? The harvest of last year will not carry till this year. You have to plant again," he said.

He then declared that if you stop paying your tithes, you will begin to go down gradually. To prove his point, he told the story of a man named JC Penny, who was one of the wealthiest men in America at that time. He said this man learned to pay his tithes as a young boy, and as he paid his tithes, God was blessing his business. As he became prosperous, he began to wonder whether it was still necessary to pay tithes, and so he began to cut down on his tithing. The Bishop said that he began to go down gradually until he woke up one day and found out he was bankrupt. He asked God why things were not working for him.

"If it was here we would have been binding witches and wizards," the Bishop said.

When he resumed paying his tithes, he began to prosper again, and today, his business empire is still standing in America.

The Bishop declared that the reason why the church has kept on flourishing the way it has been flourishing was because they have not stopped doing what they've been doing since they started. He said that the reason why some people are not prospering is because they are not consistent in the kingdom principles they apply.

"This ministry is experiencing financial dominion because we have never cut down on anything. We have never seen red in our account!"

"All this do it small, stop small, is not the way to the top," he said.

What are your thoughts on this? Share them in the comments. Be blessed.

If you want to hear the Bishop's exact words, skip to one hour and 27 minutes of the video below.

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