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"I Will Look For My Father After The Show" -White Money

BBN Housemate, White Money, revealed the major reason why he needs to find his estranged father after the BBN Show.

White Money made it clear that he hated his father while growing up but things have changed at the moment. The Nigerian entrepreneur said he is very glad of the kind of man he has become.

White Money believes things might not be the same if his father had stood by him. He said: "I will do everything possible to find my father after the Show.

I have to find him to tell him I have forgiven him. I will look for him after the Show. The only person I pity right now is my mother, I swear. The woman didn't have any relationship with another man after my dad left".

White Money made this known during a conversation with fellow Housemates, Pere and Cross, at the lounge earlier this afternoon.

This is not the first time White Money would share the story of his family to fellow Housemates.

White Money's story should serve as a lesson to all father's out there

White Money has managed to climb the ladder of success without a fatherly figure in his life. Though, he is planning to look for him when he leaves the House.

Not every father who abandons his child would have such a great opportunity. I am pretty sure that White Money's father would be really proud of his son's achievement.

Fathers out there need to realise that their children have a destiny to fulfill whether they support them or not.

The fact that White Money could turn out successful without the support of his father proves that the destiny of a man can't be changed by anyone.

What do you think about White Money's decision to look for his father after the Show? Drop your comments and let's see what you think.

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