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Avoid Making This Kind Of Demand In A Relationship

Love is not a game, it's not buisness, it's not a leverage and it's not punishment.

Just because someone loves you does not give you the right to act anyway over them or treat them like they're worth not. It is not uncommon to see people making ridiculous demands in a relationship, why should you ask someone you claim you love for a very huge amount of money for ridiculous things? This is however what most girls and most guys , they start dating you and suddenly feel entitled to your body, your money, your family.

Below are two things you are not permitted to ask from your partner.

1. Sex is a gift not a prize, it's not something you automatically gain access to just because you are dating, so you should try your best not to ask someone for sex.

2. money: it's wrong to ask your partner for money, let them instead do the giving voluntarily, these requests runi relationships.

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