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Hijab-Wearing Samia Saluhu Hassan Became First Muslim President Of Tanzania

Her Excellency Samia Saluhu Hassan became the first Muslim president of Tanzania today, after been sworn in. She takes over from her predecessor, Mr John Magafulu who died yesterday. Samia is now the first Tanzanian female President. See pictures below.

This became a surprise to many people who are rejoicing with her. According to the country's constitution, the country’s 61-year-old vice president, will serve the remainder of Magufuli’s second five-year term, which will expire until 2025.

Her story is very impressive, she is a woman who rose through the ranks from being a former office clerk, developmental worker and beginning her political career in 2000 which she was elected to be into the National Assembly, until she was picked by Magufuli as his running mate in his first presidential election campaign in 2015. 

This is a big win to women in Africa, it will keep their hope rising in other countries in Africa. Many people have been clamoring for a female President in Nigeria, the like of Amina Mohammad, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and others who have made names for Nigeria on the international communities can become the President of Nigeria in the future.

Currently in the whole of Africa, their are only two female Presidents. Samia Suluhu Hassan is the first female president from East Africa and she is also Zanzibari. She is a mother of four and kneels for her husband as a sign of deep love as she said in a speech today. The hijab-wearing politician is expected to immediately tackle the challenges facing one of the most prominent nations in Africa.

Although, in the past many women has became countries Presidents in Africa. The likes of Sahle-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia ( October 2018 – Present), Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius (June 2015 – March 2018), Catherine Samba, Acting President of Central African Republic (January 2014 – March 2016), Joyce Hilda Banda, President of Malawi (April 2012 – May 2014), Agnes Monique Ohsan Bellepeau, Acting President of Mauritius (March – July 2012 and May – June 2015), Rose Francine Rogombe, Interim President of Gabon (June 2009 – October 2009), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia ( January 2006 – January 2018), Ivy Matsepe-Cassaburi, Acting President of South Africa (September 2005), and Slyvie Kiningi, Acting President of Burundi (February – October 1993).

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