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One Thing Some Men Do Every Morning That May Cause Infertility

Infertility is one challenge most couples are facing today. Most times, it is directed to the feminine character as to the reason but the fact that a man also has a role to play in the reasons for infertility cannot and should not be neglected.

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Low sperm count, watery sperm, weak sperm and the rest of them are also reasons for infertility and they are concerned with the masculine character. The male genitalia is made physically of the urethra and the scrotum.

Both of them are located in the groin region at the outside of the body. Nature made it to be outside because the inside of the body is of a temperature that would be too high for the safety of the sperm cells that would be produced and their storage as well.

Taking hot water bath every morning could be soothing during cold weather conditions but for a young man who is yet to give birth or hasn't finished birthing children, it could be a bit risky having a hot shower every morning. The reason for this is, much frequent hot shower would likely affect the temperature of the male genitalia which is meant to be at certain ranges.

When the temperature is increased, it could possibly result to a distortion in the sperm production sequence resulting to low sperm count which can possibly lead to Infertility.

Have it in mind that this article is not targeted to discourage men from taking their hot showers occasionally but it should not be something of a regular routine and at the same time, taking hot baths should not be with water that isn't mildly hot.

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