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7 Famous Weddings in The Kannywood Movie Industry

Every time a celebrity from the Kannywood industry set to marry, the news of the wedding always spread like wildlife. The Kannywood weddings often becomes the most interesting topic on social media platforms. Kannywood weddings are gorgeous and glamorous and they turn out to be the trends in the industry and on the media. So, today we will have a glance at the few most beautiful and famous weddings from the Kannywood movie industry. 

1. Garzali Miko

Garzali Miko became the husband of Habiba recently and hundreds of celebrities attended the celebration. The wedding is one of the most famous in the industry. It was reported that almost all the Kannywood celebrities, the older and the newer attended the wedding celebrations and events.

2. Isa Alolo

Isa Alolo is a renowned actor, comedian, and director. He wedded his lifetime partner this year. Many Kannywood celebrities attended the celebrations and many events were held which made the wedding among the famous ones in Kannywood. 

3. Sani Musa

The wedding of actor Sani Musa and actress Mansura Isa was indeed a remarkable one. Countless events were held, the venues of the events were all decorated with flashy colors. It was indeed the most famous one and several people including women, men, celebrities were all seen at the time. It was said that it took almost a week before the celebration ended.

4. Ali Nuhu

The wedding of this most popular Kannywood actor was held on the 15th of March 2003. It was one of the most talked about weddings in the history of Kannywood. 

5. Nuhu Abdullahi

Nuhu is a promising actor and his wedding was a glamorous fairytale that fitted him. There are tons of fun that were held at the time of his wedding. The lovely wedding photos are enough to prove that the wedding was indeed gorgeous. 

6. Ado Isa Gwanja

Ado Gwanja wedded his heartthrob in October 2019. It was a nice wedding and every bride and groom wanted to have such a wonderful ceremony at their own ceremonies.

7. Sadiq Sani

Sadiq and Murja Shema settled down in 2012 and their wedding is among the glamorous ones in the industry.

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