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What To Note From The Words Of Bishop David Abioye That Were Shared By Bishop Oyedepo

Some moments ago, the founder of living faith church, Bishop David Oyedepo, shared some words of a notable man of God on Facebook. This notable man of God is Bishop David Abioye and the words shared were about people's progress in life. In this article, people are implored to take note of the lessons learnt from the words of Bishop David Abioye that were shared by Bishop Oyedepo.

The two Bishops. Photo Credit: Facebook.

1. The first lesson learnt from what Bishop David Abioye said that was shared by Bishop David Oyedepo is that people need to set goals in life. What this implies is that when goals are set, man works towards achieving them. This gives man a purpose or an aim in life. Bishop David Abioye noted that "life will have no meaning without definite goals which guide and motivate the actions of man."

2. The second lesson learnt from what Bishop David Abioye said which were shared by Bishop Oyedepo is that one should always evaluate and review one's life goals. According to the man of God, "when the life goals are evaluated, it has a big effect on the final result one gets." It is also pertinent to note here that the man of God was trying to make people understand that where one's planning stops is also the stoppage of one's progress in life.

Obviously, Bishop David Abioye's words about life are reminders as to why it is necessary to always plan ahead in life. Aside that, his words are also reminders on what it takes to live a fulfilled and gracious life.

Dear esteemed Readers, aside the two lessons mentioned in this piece, what are other things you also learnt from Bishop David Abioye's opinions on what to do if people want progress in their lives?

Article's Source: David Oyedepo's Ministries On Facebook.

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