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Here Are Some Beautiful Gowns Sewn With Pockets

Pockets are very important in every outfit and you need to make sure you add pockets to the right type of attire.

I'll start this article by listing some places where you can add Pockets to on your attire and after that I'll give you some tips on how you can look good with your Pocket designed gowns.

- You can add two Pockets to the lower part of your gown; You can add them close to the hem of your gown. This is a very unique and attractive way of adding pockets to your attire.

- You can add your pocket close to the waist line of your gown as shown in the example below. You can use a material that is different from the one used in sewing your gown to create the pocket.

- Pockets can also be added to the chest part of your gown; This method is not new in the women's fashion world.

- You can a very bold pocket right in front of your gown just like the one shown in the example below.

- Pockets can be added to the sides of your Ankara or lace gown.

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