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Reasons Why BBN Housemates Who Start A Relationship in the House May Find It Harder to Win the Prize

Winning the BBN Show is something every housemate desires as they step into the house. But winning it depends mainly on how you play your game and support from fans. If you play the wrong game in the house, you have more chances of losing out at the end.

In the BBN Season 6, we have entered the final week of the show which determines the star that would win the gold. So you may be asking in your mind, how does starting a relationship affect you in the BBN House?

In this article, I am going to be giving you some reasons why I said that housemates that start a relationship in the house may find it harder to win the prize.

1. They May lose focus

When housemates get into a relationship in the house, on most occasions they tend to lose focus and would not strictly involve themselves into other entertaining games in the house as they try to give each other appropriate time.

2. They find it hard to put up their partners for possible eviction even when they are their greatest competition

The house is a competition and even the one you are dating might be your greatest competition to win the gold but because of love, they don't do this. This on the other hand will make it harder for them to strategically play the game that will favour them.

3. The votes are shared

Although people can definitely vote more than one person at a time, when it comes to the finale, someone must win and the other must lose.

Fans would want to favour their favourite couple and they will share the vote amongst the two of them thereby reducing the votes a particular one of them could get at a time

Looking back at the previous years of the show, you will notice that the couples who became really noticeable because of their relationship found it hard to win the N90 Million Naira prize.

Although couples in the housemate still have a chance of one of them to win, their chances are most times reduced more than other single Housemates who just come into the show for fun.

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