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EPL clubs to stop taking the knee before every match

In the 2022–2023 season, the English premier league football players announced that they will stop kneeling before every game. They will still support the same cause, but that does not mean they will stop doing so.

The ensuing criticism that the anti-racism gesture was losing its impact was the reason for this. The club captain announced on Wednesday that instead of bending before every game, they would continue to demonstrate their support by bowing only before certain games.

A month after the slaying in the United States, English premier league football players began to kneel before games in June 2020 when the season returned after a Covid stoppage, a month after the killing in the United States of George Floyd.

The league stated that it backed the captains' choice and would emphasize anti-racism messaging as part of its "No Room for Racism" campaign, which already has the phrase printed on players' sleeves.

Many players, like Wilfred Zaha and Marcos Alonso, questioned its continued applicability.

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