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Nigerians React After Couple Reveal Where They Met, Check Out Their First Conversation

Love is a beautiful thing when we have the right person as our partner, as a lot of people are willing to do unthinkable things just to make their spouses happy.

However, there is a saying that love can happens anywhere between two people regardless of their background or status. Such is the case of a Nigerian man named "Ameenu", who recently got married to a lady he met back in 2018 on Twitter.

He (Ameenu) sent a message to the lady and she responded to his message in a polite manner. This is what attracted him to her and they got married few days ago.

Although this is not the first time people are meeting their partners on Twitter or other social media platforms, but the manner at which the lady politely replied to Ameenu's message is what is currently generating reactions on Facebook.

A lot of guys who saw the post, commends the lady for not been arrogant and harsh towards Ameenu when she saw his message for the first time. Also some ladies praises Ameenu for being straightforward in his approach. Let see some reactions below

Content created and supplied by: HamzatHassan1997 (via Opera News )


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