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How Actress, Mercy Johnson Rose From Nothing To Stardom

Many celebrities we know today live luxurious and extravagant lifestyles because they are super-rich and can afford most of the things they need in life. However, some of them didn't have it like that when they were still upcoming acts in their different career sectors.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the success story of a popular Nigerian actress and model, Mercy Johnson Okojie on how she defeated all odds in life to reach her level of success today.

Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji Blog.

1. Mercy Johnson's Old Lifestyle: One of the most sought Nollywood actresses, Mercy Johnson was not born with a silver spoon nor had an easy life growing up as a kid in Nigeria as she was born into an average family.

The young lady grew up in multiple barracks because she lived with her father who was military personnel. At some point in life, due to the poor living conditions of their house, Mercy Johnson and the family had to move and live in an uncompleted building that had no roof.

Photo Credit: Nigerian News.

2. Mercy Johnson's Breakthrough To Success: Mercy Johnson's success today is a result of patience, hard work, and consistency in pursuing her dreams.

After watching one of Genevieve Nnaji's movies, Mercy Johnson picked interest in acting and approached a friend for assistance in the movie industry. With the help of her friend, she made it to the national theatre but never got any role to showcase her talent until after one year.

(Old Photo Of Mercy Johnson On Set Attached Above). Photo Credit: Facebook.

In 2004 at the age of 20, she got her first role when she acted as a house help who was possessed in a movie titled "The Maid". From there, her perfect performance started speaking grace into her life and she started getting multiple roles from movie producers.

Fast forward to today, the young mother has acted in over 100 movies and she is currently one of the most sought-after actresses in Nigeria.

3. Mercy Johnson's Lifestyle Now: Despite attaining the status of one of the best actresses in Nigeria and being a multi-millionaire, Mercy Johnson doesn't love to show off her wealth on social media.

Photo Credit: BBC.

(a). Family: Mercy Johnson is happily with Prince Odianosen Okojie since 2011 and the marriage has been blessed with 4 children. The family now lives together in a well-furnished apartment in Nigeria.

(b). Awards: When it comes to successful movie careers, Mercy Johnson is one of the leaders with multiple awards to show for it.

She's bagged awards like "Best Supporting Actress", "Best Actress In Leading Role", "Best Actress In Comedy", and "Actress Of The Year" Awards.

Photo Credit: Car Mart Nigeria.

(c). Cars: The young lady has only two cars reported in her name online. The first was a Lexus Jeep SUV which was reportedly gifted to her by her husband and it came with a customized plate number titled "ODI WIFE". The second was a Range Rover SUV. [Source: Car Mart Nigeria].

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