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What Pastor Kumuyi emphasized to his members during Bible study

Deeper Christian Life Ministries otherwise known as the Deeper Life Bible Church is one of the largest churches in Nigeria and is known for their unique doctrines and teachings. Pastor (Dr.) William Kumuyi, the founder and General Superintendent of the Church is one of the respected Pastors.

The 80 year old General Superintendent, known for his holiness preaching has in different occasions spoken on the need for Christians to remain favernt and steadfast in serving the Lord.

Speaking during the church weekly 'Monday Bible Study' at the Church headquarters, Pastor Kumuyi said Christians should serve God purposefully and courageously no matter what comes their ways.

The founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church preached on the message titled: "Purposeful, Courageous Living For God's Glory."

According to the messge monitored on Deeper Life Bible Church social media page, Pastor Kumuyi said Christians should submit themselves to God wholeheartedly without rebellion or contradiction.

During his message, Pastor Kumuyi emphasized on three points and told his congregation to stand firm and fast in the faith and commandments of God. He encouraged them to behave like Soldiers and purpose in their heart that they will not go back from the conviction they have in God.

Below are three things Pastor William F. Kumuyi emphasized during his message:

1. The watchfulness while standing fast in the faith:

Pastor Kumuyi said it's unfortunate that many Christians don't have backbone to withstand the heat of life. He advised his congregation to be watchful in all things.

According to him, "if you're going to remain in the service of the Lord, prayer is important but prayer will amount to nothing if there is no faith to back it up."

Another point the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Kumuyi emphasized on "The willingness to serve faithfully without falsehood":

He stated that many Christians are not watchful in the walk with God.

Pastor Kumuyi said "some Christians are not striving to be the best they can on their journey to heaven."

The last point he spoke on was the "warn heartedness of submissive followers to the first fruits."

He encouraged his congregation to be submissive to God at all times and never allow anything take their attention away from following God.

Pastor Kumuyi told his members that "a submissive man is a man of charity." He said being man man of charity is a sign of a true follower of Christ.

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