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Obi's Supporters Devised A Plan To Compile Election Results But Found out That Tinubu Won- Oyalowo

According to Ayobami Oyalowo, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), some supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, attempted to prove that he won the February 25th presidential election. They did so by compiling results of the election that were uploaded on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Result Viewing (IReV) portal. However, during this process, they found out that the APC's Bola Tinubu had won the election, just like the electoral body had announced.

Oyalowo, who was a member of the dissolved presidential campaign council of the APC, made this disclosure during an interview on TVC News. This revelation indicates that the election was transparent and credible, and that the results were accepted even by supporters of the opposition party.

Source: TVC News

Ayobami Oyalowo stated, "Some time ago, supporters of Peter Obi devised a plan to compile election results by going through the IReV viewing portal. They started with Peter Obi's region and found that he was winning, which made them happy. However, when they moved to other regions, it became apparent that Bola Tinubu had won the election. Consequently, they stopped compiling the results in the middle of the process."

It is important to note that the integrity of the electoral process is crucial for any democracy to function effectively. In this case, the fact that the supporters of an opposition party were able to verify and accept the results of the election is a positive sign for the democratic process in Nigeria. It is hoped that such transparency and acceptance of electoral results will continue to be the norm in the country's political landscape.

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