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Sunday Talk: God Knows you, but do you Know God?

Sunday Talk: God Knows you, but do you Know God?

Our Sunday Guest Writer, Armstrong, pedals our conscience towards God's beauty and Love with questions for us to ponder on as citizens and government official.

All we have in life is, a trust from God. Children, spouses, money, status, land and power are all bequeathed to us.

Humans would appreciate the gift of life only and only if they realize, know, understand, appreciate and appropriate their fleeting moments here on this side of eternity as a trust from the greatest Creator.

He spoke the world into existence. Call things that weren't as if they were and they were created.

He is the only being that can decimate man's evil to man (Covid 19, atomic bomb, baboonic virus, Palvo virus, German virus, kidnapping etc).

Corporations, firms, foundations are manned by individuals with some degree of honesty, trust, some level of honour and integrity. Though, they could fail integrity test sometimes but God never fails. No, never!

Why do you deprive citizens of Covid 19 palliatives? What preventive measures have you put in place Mr. Government official? Where we're you when the poor was maltreated? When do you intend doing community service and delivering good governance? How would you convince the led that you're actually representing them Mr. Politician, priest and community leader?

The trending Covid 19 pandemic that is ravaging less advanced (developing) and advanced (developed) countries. This, would have pricked men to realize how frail they are to the creator. Indeed, no place is safe! Men have been forced to remain indoors and maintain a minimum social distance. The most difficult thing for social beings is to keep away from others.

Today, virtual meetings have become the fad.

Interestingly, Our Almighty God can prevent and protect humans from 'pandemics" like Covid 19, polio virus, Ebola virus etc effectively and efficiently.

If it were based on latest medical science and technology,: USA and other European countries wouldn't have been attacked by corona virus.

Come to think of it: less develop societies like Nigeria would have been worst hit with over 30, 249 cases and over 1000 deaths recorded.

But because of God's mercies, He is keeping most of these less advanced societies. Isn't God, good?

What have you done with all he has endowed you with?

If men like Presidents, Prime Ministers, governors have power over some life's challenges, the poor and less endowed countries technologically would have been wiped out with this burgeoning pandemic...let's remember, God rules in the affairs of men. He is in total control.

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