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7 Things You Can Do To Treat Laryngitis (Voice Loss)

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You've likely had days when your voice sounds excessively husky, hoarse, raspy or weak, and you might have even lost your voice for a short while.

This condition is known as Laryngitis. It usually occurs due to the inflammation of the larynx, which is your voice box. It can result as a sign of an health condition like flu, or from cheering at a concert or spending the day lecturing.

Losing your voice prior to a public presentation can be discomforting. However, in this article, I will be sharing a number of things you can do to regain your lost voice.

1) Rest Your Voice

If your laryngitis is caused from overuse of your voice, you’ll want to try to avoid anything that might inflame your vocal cords any further. Inflammation and irritation will resolve faster if a person avoids using their voice box as much as possible.

2) Inhale Moist Air

Your throat naturally dries out when you have laryngitis. However, using a humidifier to keep the air throughout your home or office moist or inhaling steam from a bowl of hot water or a hot shower, can help you to gain recovery from laryngitis.

3) Drink plenty of water

If you’re suffering from laryngitis, keeping yourself hydrated is key to speedy recovery. So, try and drink plenty of water to keep your body in optimal condition for healing.Image credit:

4) Gargle With Warm Salt Water

You can effectively restore your voice to normal by gargling with warm salt water a few times a day. While the salt helps remove mucus from the respiratory tract, the warm water reduces irritation in the throat. Simply add 1 teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and gargle with it 2-3 times a day.Image credit:

5) Drink herbal tea mixed with honey

Honey is an ingredient with tons of healing properties. However, eating it straight as a home remedy for laryngitis can actually irritate your throat. So, if you’re going to use honey as a laryngitis home remedy, use it in a cup of herbal tea like ginger tea or mango leaves tea.

6) Avoid Taking Alcohol And Smoking

Smoking irritates the throat, and nicotine slows down healing. Alcohol also causes dehydration, which can dry out your throat. So, if you are trying to regain your lost voice, avoid taking alcohol and smoking as much as possible.Image credit:

7) Avoid clearing your throat, whispering, singing or shouting. These could add unnecessary stress to your vocal cords, which could eventually lead to more inflammation and a longer healing time.

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