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Yakubu's Decision To Announce The Winner Based on Manually Collated Results Is The Problem - Kenneth Okonkwo

Popular Nigerian actor Kenneth Okonkwo has admitted that Mahmoud Yakubu's choice to declare the winner of the presidential election using manually collated results from polling places was the only aspect of the election day that did not go smoothly. He supported his claim in a tweet by including footage of a biometric voting device operating correctly during a presidential election.

Kenneth claimed that the biometric device had been purposefully tricked into not transmitting findings on election day. Okonkwo is convinced that it is unconstitutional to declare a winner based on manually tallied data. "BIVAS worked flawlessly during the election," he claimed.

Mahmood INEC's intentional manipulation of the BIVAS to prevent transmission of the presidential results from the voting unit to declare Tinubu president using fabricated manually collated results, which is prohibited in Nigeria, is what did not operate with integrity. We have faith in God. We will regain our mandate when it is right. Vote for the Labour Party in every single state on March 11 to end the system of crime and dishonesty that exists throughout the Federation.

Watch video below.

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