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12 Signs Of An Incompatible Relationship

In any relationships, compatibility must be the driving fuel. If there lack of compatibility, the relationship is bound to be stagnant and unproductive. How do you tell if you're in a compatible relationship or not?

These few signs can help you:

1. Your partner gets negative and dramatic over things you don’t see as a problem. Or, you get negative and dramatic over things your partner doesn’t see as a problem. (Incompatible values and expectations of life).

2. One of you (or both) finds the other’s sense of humor to be boring or actively offensive. (Incompatibility of personality).

3. You two are just not on the same page, regarding the importance of sexuality in the relationship. If you see it as an afterthought at best, and he sees it as the central pillar of a romantic relationship (or vice versa) there’s going to be serious problems. (S*xual incompatibility).

4. You two have different ideas of how money should be handled. One of you is a thrifty saver, and the other is a devil-may-care spender. (Financial incompatibility.)

5. One of you is a hyper-ambitious kind of person, the other is more a relax and enjoy life kind of person, and neither of you can see being with someone long-term who is different in that regard. (Generally, the ambitious one starts to see the non-ambitious one as a loser, while the non-ambitious one starts to see the ambitious one as an insecure, egotistical idiot.) (Values-based career incompatibility.)

6. Your career plans are mutually impossible. (For example, it’s his dream to work in Silicon Valley, and it’s your dream to run a ranch in Oklahoma… and neither of you want a long-distance relationship.) (Location-based career incompatibility.)

7. You two have different religious views, both are bothered by that, and neither of you are willing to change faiths. (Spiritual incompatibility.)

8. One of you is a stoic, emotionally unexpressive person, and the other is a clingy and needy person. (Emotional incompatibility.)

9. One highly values family and is dependent on their approval, and the other is very independent-minded and couldn’t care less what even their own family thinks, let alone their partner’s family. (Familial incompatibility.)

10. One of you wants eventual marriage, one of you doesn’t. (Commitment incompatibility.)

11. One of you wants children, one of you doesn’t. (Breeding incompatibility.)

12. Both of you want children but have VERY different attitudes on how children should be raised, and regard the other’s attitudes or preferred practices as unacceptable. (Values-based incompatibility.)

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