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Those who rigged the election know they rigged the election - Cardinal Onaiyekan

The statement made by Channels Television on their official Twitter handle, quoting Cardinal Onaiyekan, has generated a lot of interest and debate among Nigerians. The statement, which suggests that those who rigged the election know they rigged it and that even the court might not know, but God knows, has ignited conversations about the credibility of the electoral process in Nigeria.

Cardinal Onaiyekan's statement highlights the critical role of transparency and accountability in the electoral process. Those who rig elections are not only breaking the law but are also violating the trust of the electorate. The courts have a responsibility to ensure that justice is served, and that those who manipulate the electoral process are held accountable.

However, as Cardinal Onaiyekan points out, the court may not always have the full picture. There may be instances where the rigging of an election is so sophisticated that it may be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. In such cases, the moral compass of those involved in the rigging may be the only barrier to electoral malpractice.

Cardinal Onaiyekan's statement also underscores the role of faith in public life. While there are countries that do not mention God but run their affairs well, faith has played a significant role in the history of many nations. In Nigeria, religion is an essential aspect of the country's identity and has shaped the political landscape.

However, as the Cardinal implies, faith alone is not enough to ensure good governance. It must be accompanied by a commitment to transparency, accountability, and the rule of law. The absence of these principles can lead to the abuse of power and corruption, regardless of the role of faith in public life.

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