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Here Are The Causes Of Leg Swelling During Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, most times it would be seen that a number of things are changing about her appearance. Sometimes, you could see her legs swelling. Have you wondered the reason for it? Here you shall see what exactly is the cause for it.

Source: Parents

1. It occurs when the weight if the baby and that of the womb grows bigger putting extra pressure in the legs and feet. Most times, this would result in a disturbed blood circulation and retention of fluid would occur.

2. It can also occur because during pregnancy, the body produces sufficient quantity of fluids to help support the growth of the fetus.

Some home remedies that can help women prevent it would include

1. Standing for a long time could increase pressure on the legs and feet leading to swelling. Pregnant women are thus advised to avoid standing for long periods of time.

2. By being more active.

3. Reduction in intake of salt and soda can also be of great aid in helping prevent or reduce this condition.

4. By putting on clothes that are loose and comfortable.

5. Avoid sitting one place for long periods the same way you are to avoid standing at a place for long periods.

6. Drinking enough water to keep the body hydrated can help prevent it from retaining fluids. 

Women who experience this during pregnancy should not panic as most times it is more of a physiological condition than a pathological. However, keeping in mind that swelling of the feet and ankles can be warning signs of some life threatening diseases, you should endeavor to see your doctor when feet swelling is accompanied by conditions like :

Severe headache

Blurred vision



When swelling does not improve after you lie down or raise your feet.

Information sourced from 'Medical News Today'

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