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Have I Become Your Enemy Because I Said You Can't See The Lord Without Holiness? Kumuyi Asks Members

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members about "Travailing Till Believers Be Fully Formed In Christ."

In one of his sub-topics, he talked about The Failing Attitude Of The Graceful Galatians and read the book of Galatians 4:16 which says, "Am I, therefore, become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" and said that the commitment of the Galatians was dropping, so Apostle Paul asked if he had become their enemies because he preached the gospel to them?

He then said that we should bring it home to ourselves and he asked, "Have I become your enemy because I said without holiness, no man shall see the Lord? Am I now your enemy because I told you the truth, and challenge you to consecrate and give your all to Christ?" He then said, "This will not happen, I will never be your enemy but we all will join hands together to prepare for heaven."

He said that Ahab saw Elijah and challenged him as his enemy. This is a wrong accusation because Elijah was a prophet of God who was working hard to bring the people back to God. In actual fact, Ahab who led the people to serve idols was the enemy of Israel. "May God helps us so that we will not see the one who is preaching the gospel of life to us as an enemy in Jesus' name," he prayed.

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