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PHOTOS: Peter Obi visits woman attacked by thugs in her polling unit during presidential election.

Vanguard News shared a post on their Facebook page some minutes ago revealing that Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi visited, mrs Jennifer Efidi, the woman who was attacked by thugs on 25th February, the day for presidential election. The attack occurred in her polling unit and she sustained an head injury but still went to cast her vote. The news site revealed that Mr Peter Obi shared photos from his visit to her house on his Twitter page.

From his caption, "Today, I visited Mrs Jennifer Efidi. She was attacked on 25th February in an attempt to stop her from voting, but she stood her ground. Jennifer is one of the greatest icons of Nigeria's democracy."

Below are the photos Vanguard News shared on their Facebook page that were shared by Mr Peter Obi.

Below is a screenshot of the post that was shared by Vanguard News.

This was very thoughtful of Peter Obi to visit the woman, she was really an hero that day.

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