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Health reasons why palm oil is good for your body

According to Healthline", Palm oil is a great source of vitamin E. Palm oil is rich in antioxidants, one of which is vitamin E. This vitamin is vitalfor keeping your immune system healthy and for helping your cells communicate. However, here is why palm oil is good for the body.

1. High cholesterol. Consuming palm oil as part of a specific diet plan does not seem to reduce cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol. Some research suggests that palm oil might increase cholesterol levels compared to other oils, such as soybean, canola, or sunflower oil.

2. Preventing a lack of vitamin A (vitamin A deficiency). There is some evidence that adding palm oil to the diet of pregnant women and children in developing countries might reduce the risk of developing vitamin A deficiency.

3. Malaria. Some exploration suggests that dietary consumption of palm oil by children under 5 years of age in developing countries does not seem to decrease symptoms of malaria.

Content created and supplied by: Healthday (via Opera News )

A E. Healthline Malaria


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