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I Saw Bible Translations That Did Not Make Any Sense, But They Have Been Watered Down - Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo has once again warned about how watered down translations of the Bible are infiltrating the church today. He said this during his sermon at the 2023 Ministers Conference.

He declared that the generation of today hates laws, but Christianity is not a lawless religion.

"We live in a generation that hates laws. Jesus did not come to break the law but to fulfill it. Christianity is not a lawless religion; if you hate laws so much why do you obey traffic laws in your country," he said.

He then declared that some people are now writing their own Bibles because they don't want to accept the truth of the scriptures.

"People are now writing their own Bibles," he lamented. "All these Hebrew said, Greek said; you don't want to agree that is why you are finding what the Hebrew and Greek said. I did not know one word of Hebrew or Greek when I got saved."

He also talked about some Bible translations he read, and warned his congregation to be careful.

"I saw some Bible translations that did not make any sense. They have been watered down by the enemy. People are consuming poison," he lamented.

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