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SAN: Why CJN Deserves N10 Million Monthly Salary

Professor Epiphany Azinge, a senior SAN lawyer in Nigeria, called on the federal government on Monday to comply with NIC's National Industrial Court, a ruling that raised the monthly salary of Nigeria's Supreme Court Judge CJN to N10 million . The  court also raised the monthly salary of judges in the Supreme Court to 9 million Newtons, the monthly salary of presidents of various courts to 8 million Newtons, and the monthly salary of judges to 7 million Newtons. 

 Azinge, a former Secretary of the Nigerian Institute for Advanced Legal Affairs (NIALS) and a member of the Committee for Privileges for Legal Practitioners (LPPC), argued that such a salary increase would help eradicate judicial corruption. 

 He argued that the new salary system introduced by the courts for domestic judicial officers was consistent with what their counterparts earned in other African countries. 

 "Personally, I haven't seen anything ridiculous or ridiculous about CJN earning N10 million a month. " The discussion has always been a benchmark. To date, Congress Salaries are still a secret.  "But we know that if you add up everything they get each month, including their allowances, it's still more than what CJN expects."   In addition, when we convert that money and compare it to what other climate judges such as South Africa collect each month, it turns out to be the same  "giving the salary what the court did by its judicial decision. The Wage Commission has set the direction for further negotiations and involvement.

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