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Meet 2 Legendary Actors Who Worked As Professional Boxers Before They Became Famous And Successful

The Movie Industry is blessed with talented Actors and they always thrill us with their interesting Movies. Some of these Actors worked as Professional Boxers, Dancers and many others before they joined the Movie Industry.

We will be discussing two legendary Actors who worked as Professional Boxers before they became famous.

01:John Ikechukwu Okafor

John Ikechukwu Okafor is a Veteran Actor and Comedian who is commonly called Mr Ibu. This great man has featured alongside other Actors and he has won several Awards in the Movie Industry.

According to Premium times, Mr. Ibu was a Professional boxer who was doing great in his Career as a Boxer until he almost lost an eye when he went for a Championship in Delta State, he also sustained several injuries during the fight. That was the incident that made the Nollywood Actor quit boxing. Today the Actor is among the best comic Actors in Nigeria and he is doing great in his Acting Career.

02: Ibrahim Yekini

Ibrahim Yekini is a very talented English and Yoruba Actor, Director, Producer, Television Personality who is commonly called Yekini. This talented Actor has featured in several Interesting Movies

According to TRIBUNE, This talented Actor revealed that his uncle named 'Es Murphy' trained him for two years to be a boxer and he worked as a Professional boxer for seven years after his training. Ibrahim Yekini decided to quit Boxing because he wasn't earning enough money from Boxing and today he is a very successful Actor.

These legendary Actors are Role Models to others in the Society

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