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Is Miyetti Allah Right To Claim Igbos Are Still Killing Themselves Despite Herdsmen Leaving S/East?

Fulani herdsmen operating under the banner of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore have mocked the South-East region, claiming that their departure and the implementation of an anti-open grazing law in the region have not stopped the violence.

According to the group's spokesman, Saleh Alhassan, it only proves that Fulani herders were never a problem. He noted that most of the South-East no longer had open grazing.

According to him, what is going on in the region is mostly cattle trading, and the cows being sold mostly belong to Igbo traders. He believed that the recent attack by unknown gunmen in South East is a manifestation of frustration.

He made it clear that herdsmen have left the South East region but unknown gunmen disguised themselves as Fulani to commit heinous crimes. He went on to say that there is no way they will comply with the open grazing ban because it's part and parcel of them.

The South-Eastern part of the country has been in turmoil for some weeks now as unknown gunmen continued their killing spree. Dr Chike Akunyili and many others fell victim to the menace of these gunmen. These gunmen have burnt houses, vehicles and chased school children out of school.

Recently, Joe Igbokwe's house was attacked by some hoodlums whom he presumed to be members of the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra. So many properties have been destroyed by these hoodlums as a result of the Sit-At-Home protest.

Analysing the statement made by the spokesman of Miyetti Allah that Igbos are killing themselves and burning their cities despite herdsmen leaving the South East, I'm tempted to ask if this statement is true.

First and foremost, the attackers are yet to be identified as that's why they are tagged as "unknown gunmen". They could be of any ethnicity because they haven't been apprehended. Although, strong claims suggest that these gunmen are members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra group.

If the Eastern Security Network is responsible for the destruction of life and property in the state, that will be so bizarre because they claimed that their goal was the secure lands in the South East from invaders. Anyways, the truth will surely reveal itself soon because there is nothing hidden under the sun.

SOURCE: Sahara Reporters

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