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5 Parts Of A Woman Body That Can Be Pierced

Body piercing is a form of adornments that ladies love very much. Several sources revealed that those who engage in body piercing does so in order to boost their confidence and self esteem. Virtually all part of the body can be pierced but there are unique areas ladies prefer to pierce on their body. Below are the five favorite body parts ladies love to pierce.


Piercing on the tongue is not so cool for most people but it is gradually becoming popular among ladies. It is not clear the pleasure one can get from piercing his or her tongue. In the process of piercing the tongue, a lot of pain has to be endured.


Nose piercing is a cultural thing for some tribes while other people adopt it as a form of adornments and fashion. Piercing of the nose is not frowned at in almost all part of the world. Most people pierced the nose of their daughter immediately they were born.

Belly button

Belly button is a strange place to pierce on the body but it is one of the most preferred body part by ladies to pierce. The fact that it is a place that is always hidden makes people wonder the kind of pleasure they derive from piercing their belly button.


The lips is one the strangest place to pierce but it is gradually becoming an acceptable way of adorning oneself. The lips is a soft part of the body, therefore it is not hard to pierce.


The eyes piercing is one of the most beautiful place to pierce on the body. It makes some ladies stand out in the public. It looks elegant and presentable.

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