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How are you?' is not a call to list all your life’s problems to a guy -Reno Omokri reproves ladies

Reno Omokri, in a purported jibe at female folks who always seize every opportunity to request financial aid from their male counterparts, has put them to remembrance that 'how are you?' is not a call to list all your life’s problems to a guy.

As he is accustomed to doing, whenever he wants to address or vilify a group of people or an individual, the social media activist, Reno Omokri, beginning as a gentleman, said, “dear ladies, if a guy asks ‘how are you?’ he is just being polite.”

“He is not soliciting you to list all your life’s problems for him to solve,” Reno Omokri said in a quick addition.

And to illustrate the message he is trying to pass across to his social media followers, Reno Omokri wrote thus:

Question (from a guy to a lady): How are you?

Answer (by the lady to the guy): Hmm, it is not easy o. I haven’t done my hair in two (2) weeks. And iPhone 13 is out!

What do you think is the perfect response to be given for this kind of lady?

Content created and supplied by: P_bee (via Opera News )

Reno Omokri


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