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ABOMINATION: A Boy Fought And Injured His Mother Over N20,000

There was pandemonium in Mrs Agnes Nwafor's house last night, when her son returned home drunk. The boy, a 200level student had left the house since morning with his friends to a birthday party. And as he just came back that night, he requested for N20000 from the mother. According to findings, however, it was gathered that, since Anthony (the boy) came back from school due to Covid-19 pandemic, he had been doing site works to raise money. And he usually gave some of the money to the mother to keep for him against school resumption.

Having been confused of the son's sudden demand of the money when school has not resumed, Mrs Agnes refused to oblige him the request. This angered the boy, and he began to ransack the house violently in search of the money. Still in her confused state of mind, the mother tried to intercept him, but what followed suit was extremely inexplicable. The boy with the full load of alcohol in his brain pounced on the mother, beating her to the surprise of motherhood.

The incident eventually got to Vigilante Group that night through one of the neighbors. Anthony was later dragged to Vigilante Group headquarters by the men, who rushed in on hearing the urgly news.

Right now, the mother (Mrs Agnes) is receiving treatment at Christo-Medical Centre, Akamkpa, while the son is still in Vigilante Group Headquarter for disciplinary measures.

Kindly use the comment box below to view your opinion about Anthony's action. Stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: Ogbuani (via Opera News )

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