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Nigeria Decides: Obasanjo Cautions Buhari On INEC Results, Says Chairman May Sneak Out Of Nigeria

Former military head of state and president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo has called for calm over the seeming incoherent election results collated and announced by the Independent National Electoral Commisison in Abuja.

In a statement making rounds on social media, signed by him, Obasanjo called on President Buhari to ensure that the right thing is done following his commitment to a free and fair election in the country. According to the statement, the former president demanded that everything be done to rectify the errors of the last two days, noting that there would be no acceptable results except the ones uploaded on the server and ascertained from the BVAS machines.

He went to remind Buhari that the entire thing concerns him because the die has been cast already and the INEC Chairman may sneak out of Nigeria and go back to his ivory tower.

Some part of the statement read thus:

"If the Chairman can postpone elections four days to the election, he can do everything to rectify the errors of the last two days no BVAS, no result to be acceptable; and no upload through Server, no result to be acceptable. Mr. President, please don't let anybody say to you that it does not matter or it is the problem of INEC. On no account should you be seen as part of the collusion or compromise. When the die is cast, it will be your problem and that of the nation. The Chairman of INEC may sneak out of the country or go back to his ivory tower. Your Excellency, thank you for hearing me out."

"Compatriot Nigerians, please exercise patience until the wrong is righted. I strongly believe that nobody will toy with the future and fortune of Nigeria at this juncture."

Read the full text below:

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