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How Joke Silva Is Fulfilling The Marital Vow She Made To Her Husband

The marriage between Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs has lasted more than 30 years.

(Image Credit: Daily Post).

According to Olu, he met Joke Silva during the pre-production of a "stage play" in Nigeria after he returned from England. Olu Jacob said that after he saw Joke Silva, he declared his intention to marry her.

However, the couple got married in 1986 and they have two children. They have both maintained success in their respective acting careers.

Nevertheless, here is how Joke Silva is fulfilling the marital vow she made to Olu Jacob.

During an interview, Joke Silva revealed that her husband was diagnosed of dementia which happens to be a general term for loss of memory (Including language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities).

Despite Olu Jacob's sickness, Joke Silva has remained faithful and committed to her husband which is part of the vows (To remain faithful in difficult periods) she made to her husband during their wedding day.

(Image Credit: Daily News).

Joke Silva has always shown her love and support for Olu Jacob despite the challenges they are facing. Recently, she brought Olu Jacob to receive an award at "Afriff Globe" event.

Therefore, I will advise couples to fulfill the marital vows they made to their partners by supporting them when they are facing different challenges.

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